Reactor Installation Day
17:00  Installation Complete.
16:00 The installation of the second section of the upper platform quickly follows. This is also bolted to the supports and the handrail neatly slots together.
15:30 The first section of the upper platform is lowered onto the support brackets. The platform is then bolted to the supports.
  36 Platform part 1 mid-air 0.3_result  
14:30  The primary gangway for accessing the top of the reactor is assembled ready for hoisting and installation.
  32 Manway assembled on ground_result  
11:30 Steel supports are added to the body to support the access gangways.
  31 Reactor - Cherrypicker at 1 oclock_result  
09:30  The foundations are drilled and the reactor is chemically anchored in place.
  25 Reactor - chemical anchoring_result  
09:22 The Reactor is lowered into its final position completing its 260km journey from Newry to Kilconnell.
  21 Reactor in Place 0.1_result  
09:18 The Reactor is fully upright and ready for positioning on the concrete foundations. The Crane rotates to position the Reactor above its foundations.
  14 Reactor at 90 dgerees_result  
09:17 The Reactor is rotated in mid-air by simultaneously raising the top and lowering the bottom until the Reactor is full upright.
  10 Reactor at 45 degrees_result  
09:16 The Reactor is raised from both ends until it is clear of the trailer and the truck can pull out from under the reactor.
  Clear of the trailer  
09:15 The chains are connected to the reactor and all staff are cleared from the site.
  8 Reactor with Chains Attached_result  
08:45 All pre-lift checks are completed.
08:15 All attendees participate in a safety briefing. The method statement for the day is reviewed and signed by all participants. A toolbox talk highlighting specific risks and dangers to be aware of for the duration of the day’s operations are discussed.
  5 Safety Briefing_result  
08:00 Dead on schedule the reactor makes it to site. The two cranes with a combined lifting capacity of 115 tonne are already in position and set up.
  Reactor on site  
07:52 Having navigated the local roads, reversing down the site access road is not much of a challenge.
07:40 After a preliminary walk of the route the drivers tackle the task of reversing the 800 metres to the site access road. The traffic management plan is activated and the traffic wardens hold and direct traffic as required. Steerable rear axles on the trailer ensure the truck can navigate the route as in certain spots there is only 250mm clearance on either side of the reactor.
06:30 The reactor arrives in the Kilconnell town delivered by James Quinn having been loaded the evening before at JK Fabrications manufacturing facility in Newry Co. Down.
  1 Reactor Parked in Village_result  
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