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Proven Low Temperature Anaerobic Digestion (Lt-AD) Wastewater Treatment Technology Generating Premium Quality Biogas - Delivered Successfully to the Dairy Industry


Lt-AD generates biogas with >80% methane content and is 100% available for heat and electricity generation on site. Lt-AD can slash existing operational overhead by up to 50%.


Lt-AD treats wastewater at temperatures as low as 4℃ with no heating requirements, a unique approach to AD treatment.


Lt-AD treats wastewater achieving 80% COD, 50% TSS reduction and 90% sludge removal while operating at a fraction of the energy requirements of conventional AD.

Lt-AD Innovation – Signed, Sealed Delivered!

As of May 2018, NVP Energy have successfully delivered, to the dairy processing industry, a unique disruptive technology that allows industry to treat low strength wastewater to discharge standards while generating high quality biogas that is 100% available for on site use. The Lt-AD technology is the only AD technology that treats wastewater streams at temperatures as low as 4℃. It is the most cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technology on the market.

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  • Lt-AD is energy positive by producing biogas


    Lt-AD produces exceptionally high quality biogas yields and has low energy requirements.

  • Lt-AD Return On Investment

    Return On Investment

    Pay back of less than 3 years making Lt-AD the most cost effective solution for wastewater treatment.

  • Lt-AD Modularity


    The Lt-AD’s modular design and small footprint is the perfect retrofit, upgrade or new build solution.

  • Applications for Low Temperature Anaerobic Digestion


    Lt-AD is ideally suited to the Dairy, Meat processing, Brewing, Malting, Distilling and Municipal industries.

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